UFC Fight Night Vegas 2: Eye vs Calvillo – Results (Highlights)


Christian Aguilera def Anthony Ivy via TKO (Round 1, 0:59)

Both fighters making their UFC debut come out and look to establish control of the centre. Aguilera throws some combos towards the head of Ivy, who responds with good footwork and a good jab. Aguilera throws a big overhand right that wobbles Ivy back to the cage. Aguilera pounces on the hurt Ivy and lands a big combo, dropping him with an inwards short elbow and the referee steps in to end this one early. Huge win for Christian Aguilera.

Tyson Nam def Zarrukh Adashev via KO (Round 1, 0:32)

Adashev rushes out in his UFC debut and opens with a nice combo. Nam looks calm and composed as he eats a leg kick and fires back with a huge right hand. Adashev is out cold as Nam follows up with a punch but this one is over quickly. What a knockout for Nam, who is visibly emotional in the Octagon afterwards.

Julia Avila def Gina Mazany via TKO (Round 1, 0:22)

Avila rushes out of the blocks with a hard combo and rocks Mazany immediately. She retreats to the cage covering up, Avila continues to smash her with strikes and the referee stops the fight. Another quick stoppage! What is in the air in Vegas?!

Merab Dvalishvili def Gustavo Lopez via Unanimous Decision (30-26 x2, 30-25)

Both fighters look to take the centre of the Octagon quickly to establish control with ‘The Machine’ winning that early battle. A small exchange of strikes but nothing significant as we pass the minute mark of round 1 for the first time tonight. Lopez showing some good takedown defence as Merab pushes a hard pace as usual, before the Georgian gets a takedown eventually. Some good ground and pound strikes land before Lopez gets back on his feet and the round comes to a close. 10-9 Dvalishvili.

Second round starts with Merab once again pushing a fast pace. He lands a big overhand right before taking the fight back down to the ground once again, Lopez clearly starting to feel the pace now. Merab scoops Lopez’s head up in side control and starts cranking a nasty submission, but Lopez stays calm and eventually finds his way out after being in some considerable pain. More takedowns from Merab, with Lopez now visibly slowing down. The round comes to an end with Dvalishvili in control. 20-18 Merab.

Third round starts and ‘The Machine’ is looking dominant. His timing on the takedown has been excellent all night and he’s completely nullified the striking of Gomez. He’s taking him down at will and now gets into full mount with 2:30 to go in the fight. Merab out grappling Lopez and locks in a body triangle to keep the fight on the ground, before the Georgian takes his back into the final minute. Lopez stands up again and the two engage in a striking battle before Merab gets a personal best THIRTEENTH takedown of the fight to see the round out and surely earn a comfortable decision victory. 30-27 Dvalishvili.


Mariya Agapova def Hannah Cifers via Submission (Round 1, 2:42)

Agapova comes flying out of the gate with heavy shots and landing. Both go back and forth with strikes but Agapova continuing to dominate the exchanges, showing her clear advantage on the feet. She lands a huge head kick that rocks Cifers and goes straight on the attack. She locks in a body triangle while standing and takes Cifers’ back, sinks in the rear naked choke and gets the tap. Impressive win for the debutant.

Jordan Espinosa def Mark De La Rosa via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Espinosa starts the fight on the outside, looking to use his footwork to out manoeuvre De La Rosa who he knows wants the takedown in this fight. A deep shoot sees Espinosa against the cage with one leg being held, but he proceeds to land heavy strikes to the body. De La Rosa not looking to advance at all from this position and is eating heavy elbows and punches to the head. The round ends with more of the same. De La Rosa tells his corner he was trying to wear out Espinosa but it seems like a very strange decision from him. 10-9 Espinosa.

Round 2 starts with more of the same, with Espinosa happy to concede the centre of the Octagon. More strong strikes and movement as De La Rosa goes for the takedown, again grabbing the single leg but eating shots while backing his opponent up against the cage. Espinosa cruises through the round pretty much unscathed. 20-18 Espinosa.

The third round begins with a bit more urgency from De La Rosa, who’s corner has told him he’s two rounds down and needs to go straight for the takedowns. Espinosa is using his footwork excellently to avoid any attacks and shoots in himself with a superb double-leg. He starts punishing De La Rosa with clean ground and pound strikes and after a scramble finds himself with a d’arce choke almost perfectly set up. He abandons the submission for more strikes, landing a huge knee to the body with De La Rosa on one knee. The round ends with Espinosa comfortably ahead and a comfortable victory in the end.

Andre Fili def Charles Jourdain via Split Decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

A fast start from both fighters, with heavy shots from both but many of them hitting air. Lots of movement from both men as expected in this one. Some good back and forth from both, with Jourdain ripping kicks towards Fili’s right side. ‘Touchy’ is blocking and parrying a lot of these kicks, but they’re very hard and he may have injured his arm here. A good exchange and a big overhand right from Jourdain drops Fili but his experience helps him to keep ‘Air’ off him while he recovers on his back. With 30 seconds to go in the round, Fili lands a good takedown and ends the round in control to make it difficult for the judges. 10-9 Jourdain for me.

The second round is a bit more controlled from both fighters. Lots of quick combinations from both, with some landing but nothing clean. Lots of heavy leg kicks from Jourdain as he tries to slow Fili down, but the Samoan-born American lands a takedown and starts to land some nice ground and pound. Fili controlling his opponent overall and the round comes to an end with the scores likely even. 19-19.

The 3rd begins with Fili looking fresher, although Jourdain is not afraid to pull the trigger at all. More leg kicks from the Canadian to try and slow Fili down but to no avail as he gets another takedown late in the round. Not much action in this round with both seemingly more worried about losing the round than winning it but Fili’s takedowns in this fight have ultimately come in clutch for him in the end. 29-28 Fili for me.

Charles Rosa def Kevin Aguilar via Split Decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Aguilar starts the fight with a big right hand that causes Rosa to lose his balance, but he isn’t hurt and takes his stance back quickly. Rosa lets fly with a big overhand left but completely misses his target. Aguilar looks much looser so far but not much action in the first round at the moment. Rosa moves forward with a left hook but Aguilar takes it and pushes forward himself. A nice one-two combo sends Rosa pushing back against the cage but once again no real damage landed. Rosa looking to land leg kicks to Aguilar’s lead leg but ‘The Angel of Death’ is now looking to counter them with an overhand right. A cut has appeared over Rosa’s right eye but it doesn’t look too bad. One of the kicks lands clean and Rosa stumbles but seems okay. A wild exchange leads to nothing but air. Rosa goes in for a takedown but Aguilar defends it and lands some heavy hammer-fists from a standing position. 10-9 Aguilar.

Second round starts with some aggression from Aguilar as he lands a nice body kick. Lots of jousting in the centre of the Octagon but not a crazy amount actually happening in there. More kicks land from Aguilar as Rosa swings a wild right hook. Co-commentator Paul Felder points out that neither fighter throwing any combinations during the bout. Another heavy body kick from Aguilar before he counters a leg kick with a nice left jab. Rosa goes for a head kick as Aguilar goes to grab a leg and lands square in the face but he eats it well. A nice left hand lands again from Rosa before another big kick lands to the head of Aguilar. A big right hook rocks him as Rosa’s corner shout for him to push forward but the buzzer goes. 19-19.

Round 3 starts with both men going for a finish! Heavy shots landing from both sides but Rosa’s punches having more of an effect. A big left straight from Rosa does well to land on Aguilar, who returns with a super right cross of his own. Aguilar being a bit more aggressive in this round than the previous two. Rosa loads up a big left hand but misses and Aguilar lands a nice combo to the body and head. Rosa moves within to clinching range and attempts to roll through to a knee bar but Aguilar reads it and steps away with no problems. More big strikes land from both men, with Rosa’s cut from the first round now starting to bleed much more. A nice body kick from Rosa lands as Aguilar starts to walk him down a bit more but a lovely left hand lands square on his chin. Final minute of the round now. Rosa starting to prioritise moving away from Aguilar rather than engaging, a sign he thinks he may have this fight won. Both men swing at air as the buzzer goes and the fight ends. This could go either way but I score it 29-28 to Aguilar, mainly for pressing and Octagon control.

Marvin Vettori def Karl Roberson via Submission (Round 1, 4:17)

This grudge match starts with a lot of feints as both men look to feel each other out early. Vettori throws a straight left but misses, before trying to find his way into range with some jabs. More feinting and movement from both men before they clinch against the cage. Roberson tries to throw Vettori and goes to take his back, but as they land on the ground Vettori is able to get out and scramble to a top position. He starts to land some ground and pound shots and slides an arm under the chin of Roberson for a guillotine, but Roberson spins out. Vettori holds onto the position and Roberson kicks off the cage to get out of the submission. Vettori starts landing some heavy ground and pound shots, forcing Roberson to try to push out. Vettori secures the position, slides the arm under the chin once again and takes the back of his opponent. He rolls him over as he locks in the hooks and this one is over with 43 seconds left of the first round due to a rear-naked choke. Very impressive performance from Vettori.

Cynthia Calvillo def Jessica Eye via Unanimous Decision (49-46 x2, 48-47)

The main event starts with Jessica Eye taking the centre of the Octagon, as Calvillo lands a nice combo on the chin of Eye. Calvillo’s speed seems a big factor in the opening exchanges as he’s landing on Eye quickly and cleanly although not with much power. Neither fighter seems worried about pulling the trigger, with both landing some nice jabs. Calvillo goes for a high kick but Eye reads it and catches the leg. Calvillo attempts to step in on Eye who sidesteps her and lands a lovely right hand. ‘Evil’ Eye currently winning the boxing match between the two women, but Calvillo goes with a high kick that lands but Eye once again catches the leg on it’s way down. Round closes out with a big exchange in the pocket but neither fighter takes any significant damage. 10-9 Eye for me.

A bit more urgency from Calvillo at the stat of the second as she lands a nice right hand and starts faking the takedowns. Eye jabbing well but Calvillo goes in for a takedown who sprawls well and lands a nice knee to the body, before Calvillo holds on and trips Eye to secure the first takedown of the fight. Good wrist control from Eye to avoid ground and pound as Calvillo attempts to take her back on the way up from the mat. Calvillo goes for a trip and Eye loses her balance but instead of the takedown, Cynthia takes the back and puts both hooks in expertly. Eye trying to fight being flattened out while Calvillo lays on top of her with the hooks in by holding onto one of the arms with a two-on-one grip. Calvillo gets her arm free and starts landing some nice ground and pound strikes, keeping the body triangle in tight in the process. More strikes land as Calvillo attempts for the submission but the round ends as they scramble. 19-19 on my scorecard.

Eye looking to get back to boxing in the third round, establishing control of the centre of the Octagon and letting jabs fly. Calvillo looks much looser and bouncier on her toes but it’s quite clear in this round that both women are trying to ensure they don’t gas out before the fifth round. Calvillo attempts a spinning-back fist but it’s avoided by Eye as they exchange heavy shots in the pocket shortly afterwards. Calvillo starting to get the better of the striking exchanges, landing one-twos. A lovely combo from Eye lands to the body and face before Calvillo responds with a right hook. Lovely right hand connects from Eye but then Calvillo level changes beautifully and secures another takedown with just over a minute to go in the round. Eye gives up her back with 30 seconds to go as Calvillo locks in the body triangle once again but Eye fights the hands well and survives the rest of the round. 29-28 Calvillo.

‘Evil’ Eye was told by her corner to start kicking and opens the round with a left body kick attempt which is caught by Calvillo and turned in to a takedown. Calvillo takes the back very quickly and locks in the body triangle as she looks for the rear naked choke. Eye defending well but Calvillo is transitioning seamlessly while locking her up. Calvillo starts landing strikes on the ground while Eye tries to hold onto an arm to avoid damage. Jessica manages to spin on the ground and scramble back up to her feet and lands some nice strikes. Calvillo goes for another takedown but Eye uses her strength well to stifle the attempt and keep the fight on the feet. Calvillo visibly slowing down and Eye lands two solid right hands back-to-back. Big exchange with 25 seconds to go in the round sees Cavillo lands a lovely combination and the round ends. 39-37 Calvillo heading into the final round.

Final round of the night and the first real action comes almost 2 minutes in with Calvillo landing a nice one-two combo. Eye returns fire with a left hand of her own. Exchange in the pocket again and Calvillo lands a beautiful step-in elbow. Eye not really letting her hands go despite her corner telling her she needs the finish in this round. Calvillo’s speed coming in handy once again as she lands a spinning back-fist. Final minute of the fight and Calvillo goes for an outside trip and succeeds with the takedown. Some ground and pound strikes land before getting back to her feet as the round ends. A comfortable win for Cynthia Calvillo in the end on my scorecard, 49-46 to the Flyweight newcomer.


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