UFC Fight Island: Figueiredo vs Benavidez 2 – Results (Highlights)


Serghei Spivac def Carlos Felipe via Majority Decision (29-27 x2, 28-28)

Two young heavyweight bulls step into the Octagon for this one and the Brazilian starts out strong. Felipe lands heavy shots and is coming forward against Spivac, who is looking a little bit gun shy. Felipe lands clean punches for the end of the round and likely takes it 10-9.

Second round sees Spivac go in for the takedown after landing some strikes early on. He starts engaging in the clinch more and landing nice body kicks too, while Felipe continues to step forward and strike hard punches. He’s marking Spivac’s face up with strikes but I think the Moldovan takes the round. 19-19.

Third round and Spivac absolutely dominant. He gets the takedown against the cage early on and lands countless strikes for the full five minutes of the round. Felipe makes barely any attempts to get up and gets beaten down for a 10-8 round. 29-27 Spivac for me.

Arman Tsarukyan def David Ramos via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

An exciting opening round as Ramos and Tsarukyan exchange wild strikes and spinning attacks. Tsarukyan landed a big right overhand that drops Ramos and gets into top position, landing big punches and working patiently for the submission. A big round for Tsarukyan, 10-9.

Second round is even more impressive. Tsarukyan lands some nice strikes and secures the takedown, becoming the first fighter to take Ramos down in the UFC. He’s staying on the outside well and landing perfect counter strikes. Another big round for him and Ramos needs a finish in the final round. 20-18.

Third and final round now and Tsarukyan is putting on a clinic. The movement and counter strikes are superb but the flowing combinations are just stunning. He’s busted Ramos wide open in this round and is landing big right hands and head kicks. Ramos pressuring forward to try and secure a takedown but he’s just not close. He finally gets the fight down with 30 seconds to go and goes for the guillotine but it’s not even close and Tsarukyan will take a very, very impressive win.


Amir Albazi def Malcolm Gordon via Submission (Triangle Choke), Round 1 (4:42)

A competitive first round between these Flyweights. Albazi had the better of the exchanges on the feet early, landing nice left hooks and a beautiful body kick before he decided to switch it up and go for the single leg takedown. He secured the takedown and and landed a few strikes well. A slick pass into full mount after some elbows and Gordon gives up his back before exploding out and ending up on top. Albazi throws up a triangle choke though, adjusts it and pulls down on the head and Gordon has no option but to tap. Very slick from Albazi and an impressive win.

Brett Johns def Montel Jackson via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

A very high level wrestling match in the first round. Johns with his usual aggressive approach with the clinch against the cage but Jackson showing his wrestling stripes too with excellent wrist control. As they break apart towards the end of the round, Jackson lands a huge one-two that drops Johns and he follows it up with some huge elbows in the ground and pound. He looks like he’s trying to finish it but Johns survives. 10-9 Jackson.

Second round begins and once again Johns goes straight for the single leg takedown. Jackson’s long limbs are helping him to relieve Johns’ pressure well with his large frame just getting him out of positions well. In the clinch Jackson lands some nice body shots before a big double leg takedown from Johns gets Jackson down. He takes the back and locks in a body triangle but Jackson is so strong he holds onto one wrist and refuses to let go. He eventually turns away from the body triangle and ends the round in full guard on top, but it’s a Johns round for me. 19-19.

Final round now and Johns once again wastes no time going for the takedown, but Jackson is just so physically strong and fights it well. 3 minutes to go and Johns eventually gets a big takedown away from the cage, although Jackson jumps straight back up. He lands some nice punches and then as Johns goes in for another takedown Jackson lands a big knee that Johns eats before securing another takedown. Once again though, Jackson gets back to his feet quickly. Final 90 seconds and Johns gets another takedown and takes the back before a burst from Jackson. Johns threatens with a guillotine but Jackson escapes and the round ends against the cage. Great fight. 29-28 Johns for me.

Joel Alvarez def Joe Duffy via Submission (Guillotine), Round 1 (2:25)

Fight opens up with both men exchanging big, hard leg kicks. Duffy throws a straight right hand and shoots for a takedown but Alvarez grabs the neck on the way down. He sinks in a deep guillotine, throws the leg over and forces the tap-out. What an upset win!

Grant Dawson def Nad Narimani via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-27)

A frenetic pace in the first round as this super exciting match-up lives up to its hype. Hard low kicks from Dawson, and he loses balance on his own kick. Narimani flies in to try and catch him cold and gets caught with a huge flying knee. He secures the takedown from there and proceeds to dominate the rest of the round. Strong ground and pound strikes and eventually takes the back before the end of the round. 10-9 Dawson.

Second round starts with another of those huge flying knees but Narimani eats it and lands a big right hook of his own that unbalances Dawson. A few more strikes exchanged before Dawson secures another big takedown and starts attacking with the ground and pound. Relentless pressure forces Narimani to give up his back and he latches on immediately with the body triangle and goes for the rear naked choke, but Narimani just about survives the round. 20-18 Dawson.

Third and final round sees Dawson showing off his new found striking skills. Teet kicks followed up with brutal calf kicks, head kicks and nice hooks see him dominate the round again as Narimani pushes forward looking for a knockout. He starts landing clean in the final 30 seconds, but Dawson goes straight back to his wrestling game and sees the round out. 30-27 Dawson for me.

Roman Dolidze def Khadis Ibragimov via Knockout (Knee) Round 1, (4:15)

Heavy low kick to start by Dolidze as the two fighters taunt each other trying to engage in a striking fight. Dolidze goes to the mat and starts looking for a grappling game but Ibragimov avoids going to the ground and lands some heavy leg kicks. Referee stands the fight up again and Dolidze throws a big head kick and catches Ibragimov flush on the chin with his knee! He follows up with big punches and this one is all over! Big win for the Georgian debutant.


Askar Askarov def Alexandre Pantoja via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Immediate guillotine attempt from Pantoja and it’s in super tight! Askarov pops his head out and ends up on top but Pantoja throws up a triangle and then an armbar all within the opening minute. Askarov now controlling the positions and lands some nice strikes from the guard before wrestling against the cage looking for a takedown. Pantoja rolls through and after a bit more grappling, he eventually takes the back. He locks in a body triangle and is searching for the rear naked choke but the buzzer goes for the end of the round. 10-9 Pantoja but that could have gone either way.

Second round keeps up a super high pace as both men look to strike a little bit more. Askarov closing the distance looking for takedowns but Pantoja is scrambling so, so well. Constant pressure and takedown attempts from Askarov but Pantoja rolls through yet again and ends up trying to take the back again. He ends up on top on the back of Askarov at the end of the round but he can’t flatten him out. 19-19. What a fight.

Pantoja is visibly tiring in this round and Askarov looking to push the pace still with his takedowns. ‘The Cannibal’ has kept this round on the feet though and is landing some nice shots. Askarov goes for a kick and Pantoja catches it and lands a big right hand that drops him! Great defence on the ground from the Russian though and he gets back up immediately More exchanges on the feet but this one comes to an end. Super close three rounds. 29-28 Pantoja for me but can’t complain if it goes the other way.

Ariane Lipski def Luana Carolina via Submission (Knee Bar), Round 1 (1:28)

Lipski comes out and throws two big bombs that get the attention of Carolina early. She throws another one-two and drops Carolina immediately, then launches into the guard of her opponent. Some grappling exchanges leads to Carolina locking up a calf slicer from the bottom but Lipski is sitting up, unhooks the leg and extends a gruesome knee bar over her head. Carolina screams in pain, taps out and this one is over in the first round.

Rafael Fiziev def Marc Diakiese via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Fight begins with some feelers being thrown out by both guys. Diakiese throws a few leg kicks and its responded to with a big body kick by Fiziev. The Russian throws in with a takedown attempt and gets the English fighter down. Good defence by Diakiese and the fight eventually returns to the feet but Fiziev is picking him apart. Another big body kick followed by ripping body punches causes Diakiese to shoot but Fiziev deals well and lands some ground and pound of his own. Both men get back to the feet and Diakiese lands a nice hook but the rounds ends in the Russian’s favour. 10-9 Fiziev.

Another very impressive round for Fiziev who continues to pick apart Diakiese all over the Octagon. No takedown attempts in this round but Fiziev out-striking his opponent using power shots and fantastic punch choice. Superb body kicks echoing throughout the empty arena by Fiziev, as Diakiese tries to push forward. Diakiese throws a head kick but Fiziev dodges it with a matrix-like move. Pure control from Fiziev in Diakiese’s world. 20-18.

Diakiese knows he needs a finish and comes out aggressive, but Fiziev avoiding the big punches and landing with body kicks and punches of his own. Good distance management from Fiziev as he avoids big strikes and lands jabs and kicks. Diakiese pushes forward and lands a huge right hand that rocks Fiziev, but the Russian responds by shaking his head and egging the Brit on to come forward. A few more decent shots lands but Fiziev eats them well and continues to push forward as the round ends. 29-28 Fiziev for me.

Jack Hermansson def Kelvin Gastelum via Submission (Heel Hook), Round 1 (1:18)

Fight starts with both men throwing out feeler kicks and touching the hands to figure out distance. Gastelum steps in and throws a combination but Hermansson ducks and clinches, pushing forward to attempt a takedown. On the way down though Gastelum swings the momentum and reverses the position ending up on top. As he gets up to separate, Hermansson holds onto the foot of Gastelum and locks in a heel hook submission. Gastelum tries to be calm but ‘Joker’ tightens it up and forces the tap. Amazing.

Deiveson Figueiredo vs Joseph Benavidez

Fight opens up with Figuieredo taking the centre of the cage with Benavidez looking to bounce around on the outside with leg kicks. Figueiredo lands a huge right hook that connects to the top of the head and drops Benavidez! He jumps on top trying to finish it landing big elbows but Benavidez is fighting it trying to recover. Figueiredo takes the back and locks in a tight rear naked choke but once again Benavidez escapes and manages to get back to the feet. Figueiredo lands two more big shots that drop Benavidez again. He launches another attack of ground and pound with vicious elbows, cutting Benavidez wide open. Benavidez rolls over and Figueiredo takes the back and locks in another super-deep rear naked choke. Benavidez doesn’t tap but goes unconscious and Figueiredo is the NEW flyweight champion of the world.


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