UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs Shahbazyan – Results (Highlights)


Chris Gutierrez vs Cody Durden – Unanimous Draw (28-28 x3)

A potential 10-8 round to the underdog to start the card. Durden threw a leg kick first and then got the takedown early, transitioning to take his back and getting his hooks in deep. Durden threatens with a rear-naked choke, neck crank and strikes while Gutierrez almost looking like he’s just waiting for the referee to stand it up for him.

Second round much more aggressive from Gutierrez. He lands his own leg-kicks and starts stuffing takedown attempts before an attempted knee to the face misses and the foot comes up and catches Durden in the groin. A long break in the fight before they start again and Gutierrez starting to take over with his striking. He’s found his flow much more in this round and Durden is visibly tiring now. Another takedown attempt sees a tussle and Gutierrez ends up on his back but he throws up a great armbar attempt that’s tight. Durden stacks him to see the round out but Gutierrez is back in it.

Gutierrez much more patient in the third while Durden is visibly tired and throwing lazy strikes. Durden attempts a lazy takedown but Gutierrez stuffs easily and is landing his jab and some leg kicks with absolute ease. Gutierrez chipping away at the armor of Durden who is essentially running on empty. Another takedown attempt and Durden gets a single leg but Gutierrez drops him with a hook and then lands a few shots on the ground before the claxon goes. I think this is going to end up as a draw.

Jammall Emmers def Vincent Cachero via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

A very fun first round. Both men flowing well and landing shots at full extension but Emmers is using his reach much better. Lots of kicks to the body to Cachero, who took this fight on one day’s notice, and it’s taking its toll. Emmers using an old skool Thai clinch with nasty knees to the body. A fantastic first round for Emmers. 10-9.

The size difference in this second round is evident. Emmers is landing heavy punches and elbows right now but Cachero is eating them and trying to return fire himself. Emmers lands a four punch combo then switches to a takedown where he lands some nice ground and pound but Cachero jumps back up. Emmers is tiring now so shoots for a takedown once again to rest and see out the rest of the round. 20-18 Emmers.

Really good fight management from Emmers in the final round. He’s tired but the bigger man, so uses his superior wrestling to secure a takedown and control from top position. Emmers goes for a kimura attempt but Cachero scrambles away and manages to get back up to his feet. Emmers goes for another takedown almost immediately but Cachero stuffs it well and keeps the bout standing. Cachero throws a big right hand but Emmers ducks under and gets the takedown beautifully and transitions to take his back. He’s attempting for a rear naked choke with 10 seconds to go but the klaxon goes and it should be a comfortable win for Emmers.

Nathan Maness def Johnny Munhoz Jr via Unanimous Decision (29-27 x3)

Two debutants and it’s a great first round for the unbeaten Munhoz Jr. Two groin strikes cause stoppages in the fight but he eventually gets it to the ground and threatens with submissions. He eventually flattens Maness out and lands some big ground and pound strikes but the klaxon goes to prevent the referee from needing to make an immediate decision. 10-9 Munhoz Jr.

Second round and Maness comes out much more aggressive. He lands a big right hand that forces Munhoz to shoot for the takedown again but Maness stuffs it and keeps the fight standing. A big elbow against the cage has cut Munhoz above the eye and he’s shooting for the takedown more and more. Final 30 seconds and Munhoz shoots for a single leg, lifts Maness and slams him down to the mat to complete but before anything happens on the ground the klaxon goes. 19-19 for me.

Third round starts and Munhoz goes straight for a body kick but it’s low again! 3rd time in the fight and this time the referee deducts a point for it. Munhoz needs the finish for a win now and goes on the offensive looking for a takedown. The referee breaks them up for a lack of action but they get straight back into it in the same position. Lots of clinch work against the fence from both guys until Maness gets a trip with less than a minute to go. A scramble on the floor and Munhoz attempts for a calf slicer but he just doesn’t have enough time.

Jonathan Martinez def Frankie Saenz via Knockout, Round 3 (0:57)

A fast start from Saenz soon sees Martinez start to take over with his striking and dominate. He got a very early takedown but Martinez got straight back up and started throwing lots of knees and kicks to deter Saenz from even attempting them anymore. Lots of body shots and his left hand is finding a home towards the end of the round but the klaxon goes. 10-9 Martinez.

Second round is more of the same once again. Saenz can’t initiate a takedown because of Martinez’s offence just constantly having him on the defensive. He’s so calm and cool and just picking his shots. A big head kick lands over the guard and rocks Saenz! Martinez moves in for the kill but Saenz puts his feet on the hips and tries to kick away. Martinez continues to land big shots but lets him back up but as the round ends Martinez lands another big shot that drops Saenz again. Referee moves in to call it but tells Saenz to fight back so he grabs hold of Martinez to see out the final 10 seconds of the round. 20-17 for me, that was a 10-8 round.

Third and final round and we finally see a stoppage on the card. After an accidental low blow break, Martinez continues to land multiple shots as Saenz continues to rush forward looking for a takedown. The next time he rushes in proves fatal though as Martinez moves backwards with him and throws a huge left knee up the middle straight onto the chin of Saenz that drops him! Two or three unanswered shots on the ground and the referee steps in to end it. Huge knockout win.


Kevin Holland vs Trevin Giles – CANCELLED

UFC report on-air that Trevin Giles fainted in the hallway just before his walk-out for this fight and the Nevada State Athletic Commission has cancelled the fight.

Bobby Greene def Lando Vanatta via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27 x2)

This one was fun. Both fighters taunting each other and talking to each other in the cage as they exchange big punches in the centre of the Octagon. Both men swing wild right hooks and both land, knocking the other down! No rush following that as they get back to their feet, acknowledge the punch and continue to fight. Another knockdown by Greene slightly later with a short right hand but Vanatta does well to grab a leg and hold on to not get ground and pounded. Solid round but Greene’s boxing gives it to him for me. 10-9.

Second round is less action-packed and better for Vanatta. Still some boxing exchanges but a slower pace and some more clinching. Vanatta landed a takedown at the end of the round which I believe may have stolen the round for him but I’m still going for Green. 20-18.

Third round opens with trash talk and a huge right elbow by Greene that drops Vanatta. He gets on top and lands some huge ground and pound but Vanatta hanging in there. Green goes for the takedown and eventually gets mount to start landing bombs, forcing Vanatta to give up his back. Greene tries to sink in a rear naked choke but he’s so slippery he gets out immediately and eventually return to the feet. Greene managing his cardio well and gets another takedown and lands more elbows on the ground before the klaxon goes. Big win for Greene in my book. 30-27.

Vicente Luque def Randy Brown via Knockout, Round 2 (4:56)

Picture perfect round from Vicente Luque. The Brazilian using calf kicks to displace the excellent jab of Brown, before throwing a big overhand right to mix it up for him. Luque slips a jab from Brown and lets rip with a big right hook that drops him. He goes on top for the ground and pound or submission but Brown defends very well and eventually gets back to his feet. 10-9 Luque.

In the second round, Luque throws his leg-kick a lot more and troubles Brown. ‘Rude Boy’ is even forced to switch stances at one point, which takes his jab away and means Luque can close the distance and land big strikes. Leg kicks so vicious at this point that Brown actually goes down because of them but Luque forces him back to his feet immediately. Body lock against the cage now for Luque and Brown leans down to put his hands on the mat but before they reach, Luque throws a gigantic knee that floors Brown. He follows it up with big ground and pound strikes and the referee waves the fight off.

Jennifer Maia def Joanne Calderwood via Submission (Armbar), Round 1 (4:29)

Maia looks very bouncy to start the fight, throwing punches freely while Calderwood being more strategic and methodical. Maia landing a lot though and gets in and out with a beautiful 1-2. Maia throws a kick but Calderwood catches it and secures a takedown. Maia using her superior jiu-jitsu on the ground and is tying up Calderwood’s arms from the bottom, landing elbows and short punches to stop her from posturing up. Maia throws her legs up looking for an armbar and manages to get Calderwood on her back. She adjusts and straightens the arm and Calderwood taps out! What a win for Maia!

Derek Brunson def Edmen Shahbazyan via Knockout, Round 3 (0:26)

A fairly slow start from both men as they try to feel each other out with light shots and feints. Brunson throws a big overhand left and shoots in for the takedown. Shahbazyan fights immediately to get back to his feet but eats a few shots on his way back up. He lands a beautiful right hook of his own as they continue to let the hands go in a what ends up being a very fun opener. 10-9 Shahbazyan.

Brunson using his takedowns and lunging left hooks more in this round and controlling the top position the longer the fight goes on. Shahbazyan lands some nice body kicks but Brunson’s experience is starting to tell and he’s taking over. A nice combo that ends with a takedown and Brunson is on top landing bombs. He gets into full mount and starts raining down punches with Shahbazyan visibly tired and hurt but the klaxon goes as Brunson lands a massive elbow.

Between rounds the referee has the doctor check in on Shahbazyan but they deem he is okay to continue. As soon as the third round begins, Brunson lands a punch and another takedown again. He gets behind Shahbazyan and lands three big punches to the head before the referee steps in and waves it off correctly. Massive win for Derek Brunson!


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