Danny Rose Said Nothing Wrong In Talk With Jose Mourinho

As Amazon Prime released the latest episodes of the new Tottenham: All or Nothing documentary, one scene in particular seemed to grab everyone’s attention.

Danny Rose is Tottenham’s longest serving player currently, about to enter his 13th season at the club. However after manager Jose Mourinho’s arrival at the club, he found himself on the edge of the first-team picture. With Ben Davies injured in Mourinho’s first game, the Portuguese boss opted for Jan Vertonghen and youngster Japhat Tanganga for the majority of the time over Rose.

During a scene in the documentary, Rose enters the training ground in a foul mood and goes to see Mourinho to confront him about his playing time. In a short conversation, Rose and Mourinho get into it about his form and the reason for him not playing which ends with Rose storming out of the office saying he wants to speak with the chairman Daniel Levy.

The whole saga ended with Rose joining Newcastle United on loan for the remainder of the 2019/20 season, where he ended up making 9 appearances in all competitions.

As the conversation got clipped and put online it went viral, with many fans of other clubs slamming Rose for believing he should be playing more regularly or given the chance to play through bad form due to his inconsistent play time.

Personally, I see no issues with it.

He approached Mourinho privately and said what he felt. Much like Mourinho said at the start of his tenure, if a player felt like they wanted to talk to him his door was always open. Mourinho was honest and said that Rose didn’t play well against Liverpool in his last start and then with Tanganga’s excellent performances it was impossible to drop him.

Rose countered with the argument that he agreed he wasn’t good against Liverpool, but it was his first appearance in four weeks and then he was immediately dropped again. He feels like it’s incredibly difficult to play well when not playing consistently and not having some kind of match rhythm. This is something that has been proven and echoed in the past and not only with Mourinho players. If you look at Manchester United under him though, it’s surely no coincidence that all of Fred, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial all had their best seasons to date at the club in a season where they were consistently in the team and playing in their best positions.

That’s not to say Mourinho was wrong about dropping Rose though. Tanganga was excellent, Vertonghen was very good at left-back, Davies was first-choice when fit in Jose’s mind and Rose was struggling. When you also consider the fact that the club had tried to sell Rose in the summer, prior to Mourinho’s arrival, it’s clear the player wasn’t 100% committed to the cause despite what he may say.

Honest conversations between player and manager aren’t a problem so long as respect is maintained. Rose was respectful throughout, he just disagreed with Mourinho. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. The only issue I had with the whole scenario was Rose throwing some teammates under the bus by stating that “the changing room all know” that Jose has favourites and plays some players even when they’re playing badly. Mourinho obviously denied that and when Rose said he was “looking for Daniel [Levy]” it seemed childish. But he’s passionate about playing football and wants to play regularly.

Rose stated in an interview on the same episode of the docu-series that he still believed he was the best left-back at the club and felt he deserved to play in his position ahead of centre-backs being played out of position. If you’re a professional footballer and that isn’t your attitude then the problem is with you in my opinion.

Rose’s mentality is that of someone who wants to win and there is nothing wrong with it. The fact he had to leave the club and go down the league to get games is irrelevant, if he had broken his way back into the team he’d be hailed as a leader and a role model for standing up for himself and earning his way back into the side.

Don’t let the ending smear your opinion too much. Rose did everything he should have done and did it the right way in that situation. People just enjoy being faux outraged for clicks on social media.

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