Arsenal Defeat To Wolves Marred By Gruesome Head Injury To Raul Jimenez

Arsenal’s poor performance at home to Wolves saw them beaten 2-1, but it was a gruesome head injury suffered by Raul Jimenez that took the headlines.

Goals from Pedro Neto and Daniel Podence cancelled out Gabriel Magalhaes’ equaliser in what was a truly shocking performance from the home side, but the big incident happened before any goals.

A corner kick floated in for Arsenal saw a sickening clash of heads between David Luiz and Raul Jimenez, which saw both men knocked unconscious. Jimenez didn’t move for almost ten minutes as he was stretchered off the field of play with what was later revealed as a fractured skull.

Wolves announced the following morning that the Mexican striker had undergone successful surgery for the injury and was now in a ‘comfortable’ state.

The big story of the game however was the fact that despite being unconscious and bleeding from the head, Arsenal allowed David Luiz to continue playing for the rest of the half.

The club insist that all protocols were followed when making the decision but anyone watching the game, who heard the thud of the two players’ heads connecting, knew the correct decision was to bring him off.

Luiz seemed dazed following the incident and as the half progressed, blood began seeping through the bandages wrapped around his head.

Arsenal v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League : News Photo

The decision to let him play on was odd, but proved even odder as a decision was made at half-time to substitute him due to the injury.

Concussion is a common injury in football but it needs to be taken more seriously, clearly. The injury suffered by Jimenez could potentially be a career-ending injury so considering it was caused by another person’s head, common sense would suggest they’re damaged too.

The introduction of concussion substitutes has been discussed recently, but it’s pretty irrelevant if clubs don’t seem to like using them.

Football needs to take concussion more seriously; this game has epitomised that.

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