Streets Won’t Forget – Ricardo Quaresma

In every generation of football there is a selection of players that while they may not see the greatest level of success, are never forgotten by the fans.

These players are usually the ones that kept the fans on the edge of their seats during games, provided memorable moments and played the beautiful game in a beautiful way.

This series is dedicated to celebrating those players and giving them their flowers now, before they fade into the distance and it’s too late.

One of the best flair players of his generation, Ricardo Quaresma is the first man to be the subject of our attentions.

There was a point in time where both he and Cristiano Ronaldo were playing together in the Sporting academy, and it was he who was seen as the bigger talent.

Troubles always followed Quaresma off the field, with his ‘gypsy’ lifestyle always used as a stick to beat him with by fans and media.

His attitude wasn’t the most professional at all times, but his ability has never, ever been in question.

The ability to play on either wing and use either foot was brilliant, but he also had the unique skill of mastering the ‘trivela’. He was always able to produce an incredible amount of swerve and dip with the outside of his right foot, making it near impossible for defenders to stop him.

He was always quick, while also being strong as an ox and had the most nimble of feet. Stepovers, chops, flicks and tricks, you name it and Quaresma could do it.

He produced one of the most memorable goals ever while playing for the national team back in 2007.

Quaresma received the ball out on the right wing and with his first touch skilfully chopped back inside onto what everyone thought would be his left foot.

Instead, with his very next touch the former Porto, Barcelona and Inter Milan winger used the outside of his right boot to bend the ball into the far top corner, defying all the laws of football.

It was an iconic moment and flash of brilliance from one of the biggest ‘what if’ players that has ever played the game.

He has won league titles in three different countries (Portugal, Italy and Turkey) and even won Euro 2016 with Portugal but he could’ve been so much more.

History may forget him one day, but the streets never will.

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