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UFC 264: Poirier vs McGregor 3 – Results (Highlights)

**Hu Yaozong vs Alen Amedovski was cancelled just before the card started due to COVID-19 protocols.


Zhalgas Zhumagulov def Jerome Rivera via Submission (Guillotine), Round 1 (2:02)

Good start to the fight from Rivera as he uses that long reach advantage to stab some kicks into the gut. Zhumagulov starts throwing some nice overhand right hands and is moving well but Rivera is putting the pace on him. Zhumagulov lands a nice left hook that drops Rivera and then synches up a nasty looking standing guillotine and forces the tap! Huge win!

Brad Tavares def Omari Akhmedov via Split Decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Great start to the fight from Tavares as he uses his boxing well to light Akhmedov up nice and early. A nice exchange in the pocket and Tavares comes out on top of it. Nice low kick from Akhmedov but Tavares counters with a nice right hand. Akhmedov shoots in for a takedown and after a bounce on the cage gets it, but Tavares bounces straight back up. A few more takedown attempts but Tavares denies them all and lands some nice strikes in the exchanges to end the round. 10-9 Tavares.

Akhmedov steps into the second round with a nice jab and then a takedown attempt and while he gets him down he can’t hold him there and Tavares gets back up early. Tavares starts landing some heavy leg kicks and Akhmedov is feeling it. Nice jabs from Tavares but now Akhmedov is landing some heavy leg kicks of his own. Tavares steps in for a clinch and lands a big knee to the face, followed by a heavy low kick again. Akhmedov goes for another takedown but Tavares defends it well and should claim that round too. 20-18 Tavares.

Fast start to the final round from Tavares but staying patient with the volume of strikes, just pressing forward and forcing Akhmedov backwards. Tavares throws a heavy leg kick that drops Akhmedov, then lands another big one as he gets back to his feet. Great movement from Tavares and his jab is landing clean too. Akhmedov goes for a takedown but Tavares stuffs it brilliantly. Final minute and Tavares has rocked him! Big strikes just miss but Akhmedov is stumbling. Tavares lands a nice kick to end the round, great fight. 30-27 Tavares.

Jennifer Maia def Jessica Eye via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Interesting start as both women stay standing and Eye is landing really well. Nice kicks and some good hooks but Maia fires back too with a big knee up the middle. Eye lands some more short strikes and is just too fast so far. Some nice shots from Eye land and send Maia stumbling backwards and then Eye goes for a takedown and ends the round on top. 10-9 Eye.

Another good start from Eye as she continues to walk forward and lands short shots and apply pressure to Maia, who is being forced to fight on the back foot. Eye throwing some nice leg kicks but Maia is responding with a nice one-two up the middle that is landing well and often. Maia is pushing the pace now and landing big strikes. An accidental clash of heads opens up a massive cut on the head of Eye as the round ends. 19-19.

Final round and Maia is staying patient and not going straight for the cut. Lots of short strikes again but Eye is coming forward and landing some decent hooks and leg kicks of her own. Maia is doing really well to land the right hand and counter Eye’s pressure on the back foot. Big strikes from Maia as she applies heavy pressure herself with Eye bleeding heavily now. Great scrap, 29-28 Maia for me


Dricus Du Plessis def Trevin Giles via Knockout, Round 2 (1:41)

A very tense start to the fight for both guys as they both show lots of feints and bouncing on their feet. Du Plessis throwing some leg kicks to get some score with the judges and just misses with a flying knee. Du Plessis goes for the takedown against the cage and gets it, then passes into mount immediately. He starts targeting submissions but Giles defending fairly well and scrambling to safety. Du Plessis ends up back on top and looks for a big elbow but ends the round on top. 10-9 Du Plessis.

Good start to the round from Giles as he steps forward looking to land big heavy strikes early on. Du Plessis staying patient and avoids a big flying knee but backs up to the cage after landing a nice left hand. He throws a left jab that misses then throws a big right hand that lands flush and puts Giles out! He lands some follow up punches but this one is all over! What a knockout!

Ilia Topuria def Ryan Hall via Knockout, Round 1 (4:27)

Very tense start to the fight with Hall backing up against the cage and Topuria pressuring him. Hall throws a big spinning back kick that lands well. He starts rolling for emenari rolls but Topuria is avoiding them all and doing really well to skip out. Several minutes pass of Hall rolling for legs but missing, and then Hall goes for another spin kick. Topuria catches it and forces Hall to the ground, then lands some heavy shots that put Hall out! Huge win for Topuria!

Michel Pereira def Niko Price via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Slow start to the fight as Pereira lands a nice jab and Price starts to go for some takedowns against the cage. Pereira defends well against the cage and starts firing off some big shots and his speed is troubling Price. Some superman punch attempts just miss but Pereira is doing well to keep attacking with volume. Rolling thunder attempt to finish the round and it’s 10-9 to the Brazilian.

Second round and Pereira is coming out strong, throwing a nice body kick that hurts Price. He goes on the attack and starts throwing some heavy strikes and gets Price down to the ground. Pereira starts looking for an americana submission but Price defends it, so Pereira starts raining down strikes instead. Price is just about surviving and Pereira moves to his back looking for a choke, but Price is able to roll out and get back to his feet before the round ends. 20-18 Pereira.

Final round and Price is pouring on the pressure nice and early as he sees Pereira is tiring. Price landing some big shots and Pereira just doesn’t have the same pop to his counters or movement in his legs anymore. Price pouring it on and landing some big strikes but Pereira is surviving. Nice left hand from Pereira but Price keeps coming forward. He goes all out before the end of the round but it’s likely not enough. 29-28 Pereira for me.

Max Griffin def Carlos Condit via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Hugely impressive start to the fight from Griffin as he lands some heavy leg kicks early that are getting big reactions from Condit. Griffin keeping a big pace and is doing lots of work on Condit who just can’t get going at all. Griffin landing some big strikes and Condit is in trouble! Griffin goes for the finish but Condit survives and the round ends. 10-9 Griffin, potentially even a 10-8.

Second round and Condit has come out and is walking forward and Griffin has slowed down considerably. Condit more willing to take the strikes as he comes forward and Griffin has so far completely stopped with the leg kicks. Condit continuing to step forward and landing some nice strikes but Griffin not getting hurt too much and is trying to counter. Condit lands a few more as the round ends, 19-19.

Griffin coming out much more aggressive in the final round and landing some nice jabs. Few big haymakers from Griffin are getting through, and Condit is being forced to back up now as he starts to tire. Condit starts firing back with some heavy body shots and a right hand, but Griffin throws a couple of leg kicks to snap the momentum immediately. Nice right hand again from Griffin and Condit backs up, so Griffin goes for the takedown and keeps the fight there until the round ends. 29-28 Griffin for me. Great fight.


Sean O’Malley def Kris Moutinho via Knockout, Round 3 (4:33)

Solid start to the fight from O’Malley. Suga is pushing the pace and landing some really nice jabs. Lots of heavy strikes landing but Moutinho stepping forward and looking for a right hook. O’Malley continues with the jabs and hooks through the guard and he is beating Moutinho up badly. Big right hook lands and drops Moutinho and then he goes for a spin kick that just misses. Lots of strikes and Moutinho is getting pieced up. O’Malley throws a pull right cross counter and drops Moutinho! He goes for the guillotine submission but time runs out. 10-8 O’Malley.

Second round and O’Malley is doing more of the same, just landing heavy strikes and really beating Moutinho up. Moutinho keeps storming forward though and is just missing with his right hooks. O’Malley smashing hooks and jabs through the guard but starting to tire. Moutinho keeps going forward and is talking to O’Malley and surviving the beating somehow. 20-17.

O’Malley comes out in the third round firing once again but Moutinho is just a zombie coming forward. O’Malley throwing knees, kicks, strikes and uppercuts but Moutinho is talking to him and smiling. O’Malley is fading but still throwing beautiful jabs and combinations. As the round comes into the final 30 seconds O’Malley lands a huge combination and Moutinho is hurt! He’s still standing but the referee waves it off after an accumulation.

Irene Aldana def Yana Kunitskaya via Knockout, Round 1 (4:35)

Good start to the fight from Kunitskaya with some kicks to counter the boxing attack of Aldana early on. Kunitskaya goes for a spinning wheel kick and then clinches up looking for a takedown, but Aldana defends it really well. Aldana slips a charge and lands a big right cross to the nose and then a jab, then lands a beautiful left hook to the body that hurts Kunitskaya. Some good jabs and slips and then she lands a big left hand again that drops Kunitskaya. Aldana rains down ground and pound but Kunitskaya tries to survive it by holding her hands for control. Aldana gets on top of her, slams big strikes into her face and the referee steps in to end it! Huge performance from Aldana!

Tai Tuivasa def Greg Hardy via Knockout, Round 1 (1:07)

Tuivasa comes out and lands some heavy leg kicks to start that Hardy immediately feels and struggles with. They start going wild with strikes and Hardy tags Tuivasa bad! He rushes in for the finish but Tuivasa counters with a crazy left-hook that puts Hardy out!!! Wow! What a knockout!!

Gilbert Burns def Stephen Thompson via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Very cagey start to the fight from both guys as they look to feel each other out. Burns steps forward with some looping hooks but Thompson avoids and moves out of range once again. Burns shoots in for a takedown against the cage and after a stalemate gets the fight down. He holds top position for the remainder of the round without landing too much damage. 10-9 Burns.

Thompson comes out more on his toes and lands some good side kicks and lots of body shots to keep Burns at distance. Some nice right hands and Burns bites down on his mouthpiece to fire back but Thompson is out of the way swiftly. More kicks from Thompson and as the round comes to an end Burns gets Thompson down once again and lands some decent strikes but that’s a Thompson round. 19-19.

Final round and Burns comes out hot and heavy ready to go. Nice right hand lands and then Burns shoots for the takedown and gets it around halfway through the round. Burns sits on top of Thompson and applies pressure, with good ground and pound and just staying heavy to take what should be a decision win for him. 29-28 Burns.

Dustin Poirier def Conor McGregor via Doctor Stoppage (Broken Ankle), Round 1 (5:00)

McGregor comes out and lands two sharp spinning kicks to the body followed by his teet kick. Poirier coming forward but McGregor slams some hard leg kicks into him to slow him down. Poirier responds with a couple of his own but McGregor going for the kicks. McGregor lands a nice left hand but Poirier responds with a combination that seems to buzz McGregor. McGregor clinches and Poirier goes for the takedown, but McGregor looks to sink in a guillotine choke. Poirier avoids and starts slamming in some heavy ground and pound shots, big elbows to McGregor who’s hurt! Poirier piling on the pressure and looking for a finish but McGregor is surviving for now. Poirier lets McGregor back up and he throws a punch that misses but as he plants his back foot his leg gives way and snaps! Poirier lands some shots on McGregor while he’s down as the round ends.

McGregor tells the referee and doctor his leg is broken and the doctor waves the fight off immediately! What an anti-climax to a crazy fight and trilogy!

UFC 264: Poirier vs McGregor 3 – Early prelims predictions

The biggest trilogy fight in UFC history arguably is finally upon us as Dustin Poirier takes on Conor McGregor to break the deadlock between them at UFC 264.

McGregor knocked Poirier out in their first fight back in 2014, but Poirier got his own back in January at UFC 257 with a knockout win of his own to level it up at 1-1. The winner of this bout is highly likely to challenge for the lightweight title in their next bout, so the stakes could not be any higher.

In the co-main event we have a huge welterweight contender fight too as former title challengers Gilbert Burns and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson go head-to-head with each other to try and climb towards another shot against Kamaru Usman in the near future.

Also on the card is the return of ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley as he opens up the main card, while the prelims are full of exciting bouts too.

Last time out at UFC Vegas 30, we went 12/6 with two perfect picks for our selection for a not so good outing. That took us to 352/554 (63.54%) with 160 perfect picks (45.45%) since starting up.

We’ll look to improve that with this huge 13 fight card, starting with the early prelims here.

Hu Yaozong (3-2) vs Alen Amedovski (8-2) – (Middleweight/185lbs)

An interesting fight to open up the card in the middleweight division as Hu looks to earn his first UFC win against the knockout machine Amedovski. Hu made his UFC debut in 2017 and has lost his two fights, with his last bout coming in November 2018, while Amedovski went 8-0 with eight knockouts before losing his first two UFC bouts too back in 2019.

Hu has been severely beaten in both his bouts so far in the UFC, showing some poor striking defence and some okay wrestling mixed in with it. Amedovski’s UFC career is shocking so far but he can genuinely bang with his hands. He has legit KO power and while his grappling isn’t great, it’s not the worst I’ve seen.

Hu will be without his coaching team due to visa issues and will be dealing with a big time difference issue since he is only arriving in Vegas just five days before the fight. All of this adds up to Amedovski starching him into oblivion and likely out of the UFC – but this fight won’t be super high level.
PICK – Alen Amedovski via Knockout, Round 1

Zhalgas Zhumagulov (13-5) vs Jerome Rivera (10-5) – (Flyweight/125lbs)

Two more fighters likely fighting for their UFC future in the flyweight division as Zhumagulov and Rivera look for their first wins in the organisation. Zhumagulov has lost his last two, dropping a decision to Raulian Paiva at UFC 251 before losing to Amir Albazi at UFC 257 in January. Rivera on the other hand has lost three in a row, getting KO’d by Tyson Nam at UFC Vegas 11 before dropping a decision to Francisco Figueiredo at UFC Fight Island 8 and then getting KO’d by Ode Osbourne a month later at UFC Vegas 18.

Zhumagulov is a solid striker on the feet who switches stances well and throws great combinations, while Rivera is a grappler who looks to gain top control and work for a submission – something he’s done to win seven fights. It’s a real clash of styles in this one but Zhumagulov’s record in the UFC reflects badly on his talent.

The Kazakhstani fighter is supremely talented, has great scrambling to prevent Rivera’s top control from gaining momentum and he has good knockout power too. I expect he’ll be able to get the win using his superior striking and scrambling skills.
PICK – Zhalgas Zhumagulov via Decision

Omari Akhmedov (21-5-1) vs Brad Tavares (18-7) – (Middleweight/185lbs)

A very intriguing middleweight bout between two veterans in the UFC in what should be a very fun fight. Akhmedov has won four of his last five fights, losing to Chris Weidman at UFC Vegas 6 before bouncing back with a submission win over Tom Breese in January. Tavares on the other hand bounced back from a two-fight losing skid to get a win over Antonio Carlos Jr at UFC 257 via decision.

Akhmedov is a fighter who is very keen on getting the fight down to the ground quickly. He steps forward looking to clinch and then starts to try for trips and lifts, meaning Tavares’ striking game will be front and centre as his defence whenever Akhmedov comes forward. His takedown defence is excellent and his cardio always holds up, so it will be tough for Akhmedov to get his preferred game plan going.

Tavares is the crisper striker, better athlete and overall more well-rounded martial artist so I expect he’ll come away with a win here.
PICK – Brad Tavares via Decision

Jennifer Maia (18-7-1) vs Jessica Eye (15-9) – (Flyweight/125lbs)

A very strange early prelim bout between two of the most recent title contenders in the division between Maia and Eye. Maia earned a win over Joanne Calderwood at UFC Vegas 5 before losing to champion Valentina Shevchenko via decision at UFC 255, while Eye has lost three of her last four including a decision to Cynthia Calvillo at UFC Vegas 2 and and Calderwood at UFC 257.

Maia, like her name-sake Demian, is a jiu-jitsu master and is at her best when she gets the fight to the ground and works for submissions, even winning a round against Shevchenko from that position. Eye on the other hand prefers to stand and box, with a decent jab and a good right hook in the back pocket too. Despite that though, Maia’s grappling is most likely to come out on top here.

Maia can hold her own on the feet and will be able to close the distance to bring the fight to her world and likely control position for long enough to earn a judge’s decision.
PICK – Jennifer Maia via Decision

UFC 257: Poirier vs McGregor – Results (Highlights)


Amir Albazi def Zhalgas Zhumagulov via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Good start to the bout from Zhumagulov as he lands two really nice combos on the feet. Albazi starting to work some leg kicks but Zhumagulov throwing a heavy overhand right that is just missing the target. Albazi starting to pressure against the cage and throws a big knee that Zhumagulov just steps out of the way of. Albazi shoots for a double leg and gets it, but Zhumagulov uses the cage to get back up quickly and they break apart. Both men exchange leg kicks in the centre, before Albazi lands a big right hand. Spinning back fist in response from Zhumagulov is followed by a left hook. Big double leg takedown from Zhumagulov takes Albazi down in the final seconds and ends the round on top. 10-9 Zhalgas.

Albazi comes out very aggressive in the second round and lands three big leg kicks early that get a reaction from Zhumagulov. Looks for a big knee against the cage but misses again and Zhumagulov lands a nice left hand. Albazi jabbing really well and pressuring against the cage, as Zhumagulov is loading a big right hand but can’t land it. Lots of movement and small touches from each man but Albazi controlling the pace of this round well. Zhumagulov shoots for a takedown with 20 seconds left but Albazi denies it and ends the round in a dominant position. 19-19.

Albazi controlling the distance in the final round here, landing jabs and maintaining his range. He shoots for the takedown and is denied but after a scramble he clinches up and gets Zhumagulov down and is in his full guard. Nice ground and pound and control from Albazi from the top position as he passes into side control and then takes the back. Albazi sinks the hooks in and threatens a rear naked choke but Zhumagulov fighting the hands well. Zhumagulov tries to turn into his guard but Albazi defends the position perfectly and continues the threaten the submission as we enter the final minute. Zhumagulov bursts out and gets back to his feet and starts firing punches and kicks. Albazi counters with a right hand and just using his footwork really well to avoid any damage and the round ends. Should be a win for Albazi. 29-28.

Movsar Evloev def Nik Lentz via Split Decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Interesting start to this fight, as Lentz throws a leg kick and shovel uppercut to start the fight before moving for a takedown against the cage. Evloev defends well and falls on top, but Lentz looks to lock in a guillotine choke! It gets tighter and tighter and Evloev has to roll through to escape, before rolling through once again to end up back on top. Lentz continue to threaten with the guillotine but Evloev defends well again and ends the round on top firing in some excellent ground and pound. 10-9 Evloev.

Lentz looking to stand in this round and landing well but Evloev trying to up the pace and coming forward with some more awkward striking. Trip attempt from Lentz against the cage and once again he goes for the guillotine and forces Evloev to roll away once again. Lentz seems to be landing the better strikes on the feet but Evloev is doing more damage to the blind eye. Nice uppercut from Evloev lands and Lentz charges forward looking for a trip but misses it. Evloev lands some shots to the eye and it’s causing Lentz some problems, so he goes for a front headlock looking for a guillotine again! Evloev escapes again though and smothers Lentz with a few strikes as they stand up. Round ends against the cage, 20-18 Evloev for me.

Both men choosing to strike in this round, trading jabs and kicks. Lentz looks very tired but is trying to take the centre, while Evloev is bouncing and moving well still. Evloev lands a nice three-punch combo and that gets Lentz to shoot for a takedown but Evloev defends it really well and gets back to the feet quickly. Evloev catches a kick from Lentz and lands a stiff right hand that wobbles Lentz, who looks exhausted now. Evloev dominating the fight now with sharp striking and short combos, really putting a hurting on Lentz. Round comes to an end with Evloev dominating the exchanges again, a beautiful performance. 30-27.


Marcin Prachnio def Khalil Rountree Jr via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

A cagey start to this one with lots of feints and fakes from both fighters. Prachnio backs Rountree up against the cage and fires off some kicks, but Rountree comes back with some big punches of his own. Prachnio throwing a nice side kick to maintain distance, but Rountree switches to southpaw and starts throwing big straight left hands to steal the round potentially. 10-9 either way, but Rountree for me.

Rountree comes out hard and fast in the second round and wobbles Prachnio immediately but stays patient and doesn’t go for the kill. Some more left hands land from Rountree but Prachnio is swinging wildly and landing on occasion. Big exchange in the centre and then throws a lazy leg kick that gets countered with a powerful left hand. Rountree is countering Prachnio’s strikes really well and then lands a huge left hand that drops Prachnio! He stays patient and then lands a huge head kick but Prachnio keeps it standing and the round ends. Huge end for Rountree. 20-18 for me but could be even.

Big start to the third round for Rountree again as he lands a couple more of those big left hands to open up. Prachnio being a bit more patient and coming forward with his shots but Rountree looking good. Rountree defends two takedowns well and Prachnio starting to work on the body as Rountree is tiring. Lazy swings from Rountree now but then he lands a beautiful counter uppercut. Both men trading strikes in the centre of the octagon looking for a winning punch but the round comes to an end. Great fight, 29-28 Rountree for me but could well be the other way.

Juliana Pena def Sara McMann via Submission (Rear Naked Choke), Round 3 (3:39)

Cagey opening to this fight but both women looking to take this fight on the feet to start with, trading solid shots to the head. McMann fires off with a big right hand, Pena fires back with one of her own. Takedown attempt from McMann and she takes it, quickly progressing to take the back of Pena. She tries to sink the hooks in but doesn’t quite get it and they eventually scramble to a half-guard position with McMann on top. She lands a big elbow from the top and keeps the position for the rest of the round. 10-9 McMann.

Pena comes out with big pressure in the second round and forces McMann to shoot early. Pena looks to lock up a guillotine but McMann defends it really well and passes into guard. Pena being very active off her back, throwing lots of elbows and strikes and looking for submissions. McMann defending the submissions well though and landing some big elbows of her own. She tries to transition to the back but Pena defends well and gets back to the feet against the cage. Clinch position sees both women throw lots of knees to the body, before Pena lands a nice three-punch combo to end the round. 19-19 for me.

Big round for Pena as she comes out heavy with the strikes again before another clinch against the cage. This time Pena goes for a trip and gets it. She starts working the ground and pound from the top with McMann facing down on the ground. Pena takes the back, slaps on a body triangle and immediately goes for a rear naked choke. She sinks it in and McMann taps out. What a performance.

Brad Tavares def Antonio Carlos Junior via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Fast start to the fight for ‘Shoeface’ as the two trade strikes before he shoots for the takedown against the cage. He tries to lift the head above Tavares’ head to send him to the ground but he shows excellent flexibility to deny him. The two then trade big shots in the centre and Shoeface shoots again, powering Tavares across the cage. Tavares manages to keep his balance though and keep the fight standing after a clinch against the cage. A big exchange again sees Shoeface go for the takedown before they clinch against the cage and a big low blow accidentally lands from Shoeface. Fight paused but only a few seconds remain. 10-9 Shoeface.

Better start to the round for Tavares here as he lands some nice strikes before Shoeface changes levels and gets the takedown successfully this time. Shoeface tries to hold him down but Tavares pops back up to his feet again and manages to escape once again. Tavares landing his jab nicely which forces Shoeface to shoot for another takedown but he fails it again. Tavares lands a big one-two against the cage that drops Shoeface! He tries to go for the takedown to recover but Tavares defends it again and looks to land a big knee that misses and hits the cup to cause a pause and allow Shoeface to recover. Round ends with a big body kick from Tavares. 19-19.

Tavares popping his jab out nicely in the final round, keeping Shoeface at a distance. Shoeface shoots for another takedown but once again it’s defended perfectly against the cage and comes out firing big leg kicks. Tavares is slipping the punches of Shoeface now and landing big strikes of his own and defending takedowns too for the rest of the round to claim what should be a decision win for the Hawaiian. 29-28.

Arman Tsarukyan def Matt Frevola via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Fast paced start to this one as Frevola steps out with a wild right hook that misses and Tsarukyan shoots straight in for a takedown and gets it. Frevola scoots back to the cage and gets back to his feet before being lifted and slammed back down. Frevola gets back to his feet quickly again but Tsarukyan continues to stay in the pocket and changes levels for more takedowns. Frevola continues to reverse positions and get back to his feet quickly though and is throwing with great power on the feet to end the round. 10-9 Tsarukyan but could go either way.

Fast start to the second round here too as Tsarukyan comes out and moves straight for a takedown and gets it. He finally manages to hold Frevola down and starts landing some nice ground and pound strikes from the top. Frevola tries to escape but Tsarukyan drags him back down to the ground and starts to dominate. He keeps him down and lands more big strikes and passes position to take the round. 20-18 Tsarukyan.

Final round and Tsarukyan is maintaining a good pace and gets another takedown early. Frevola gets back to the feet quicker this time and the two engage in a bit more of a striking battle. Some great jabs land before more takedowns from Tsarukyan as he starts to hold position and dominate from the top. Fantastic performance and it should be enough to get him the decision. 30-27.


Marina Rodriguez def Amanda Ribas via Knockout, Round 2 (0:54)

Good start to the fight for Ribas as she takes the centre of the cage, applies pressure and throws a few flurries of punches. Rodriguez looks to come in with a punch and Ribas slips it and gets a takedown early on. She keeps top position and starts landing some nice ground and pound strikes as Rodriguez looks to defend from her back. Ribas continues to control from the top landing strikes and sees out the round. 10-9 Ribas.

Rodriguez comes out in the second round and lands a huge right hand early that drops Ribas! She lands some huge shots and the referee steps in then steps back out.. Ribas gets back up with Rodriguez celebrating but the fight isn’t over. Rodriguez comes back, lands a huge elbow and two massive right hands before the referee waves it off! What a knockout!

Makhmud Muradov def Andrew Sanchez via Knockout, Round 3 (2:59)

Tense start to this fight with both men bouncing in and out of distance looking to get a reaction from each other. Sanchez shoots in for a takedown but Muradov sprawls and defends it perfectly, as he gets back up quickly and throws some heavy calf kicks. Muradov lands a nice right hand on the chin, but Sanchez eats it well. More calf kicks from Muradov before a nice one-two to the body. Another leg kick but Sanchez throws a nice right hand to counter and lands it well. Muradov goes for a flying knee but Sanchez lands a nice strike. Muradov goes for a takedown with seconds remaining but Sanchez denies it. 10-9 Muradov.

An interesting second round as Muradov continues to look for leg kicks, while Sanchez is closing the distance well and landing a straight right hand. Lots of bouncing and feinting again from both men as Sanchez goes for a takedown against the cage but Muradov defends it well. Muradov lands a nice right hand but Sanchez continues to walk forward and strike. Big left hook from Muradov lands with a straight right behind it. Big flying crane kick from Muradov and a huge right hand behind it opens a big cut on the nose of Sanchez as the round ends. Close round, but that final exchange edges it to Muradov. 20-18.

Slower start to the third round as Muradov looks to take the centre and control the pace. Some nice body shots land before a big right overhand right connects, but Sanchez is still in there firing back. Muradov has abandoned the leg kicks now it seems and is looking for a big knockout. Sanchez lands two big shots, but Muradov returns fire with a big overhand right that makes Sanchez do the chicken dance. Flying knee behind it before some bombs and the referee waves it off. Huge win!

Joanne Calderwood def Jessica Eye via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Fast start to this fight as Calderwood moves in quickly with clinch and lands some dirty boxing and knees to the body. Eye trying to use her physicality edge by wearing Calderwood up against the cage and firing back with strikes of her own. Calderwood landing some nice knees to the body as Eye looks to find a takedown against the cage. Lots of body work in the clinch from both ladies, with slightly more diverse attacking from Calderwood. Very even round.

Eye is marching forward in this round and landing her right hand well, but Calderwood using her length well from the outside. Nice push kicks and a big right hand lands for Calderwood, but Eye fires back with some uppercuts in the clinch and a nice elbow. Huge knee to the face by Calderwood on the break from a clinch and a huge body kick follows it up. Calderwood striking really well from range, althought Eye gets a takedown late on in the round but should still be a Calderwood round. 20-18 or 19-19.

Eye comes out aggressively in the final round and goes straight with a clinch against the cage as she looks for an opportunity for a takedown. Calderwood defending really well but not much action being seen as they battle to a stalemate against the cage and the referee breaks them apart. Clinch in the centre and Calderwood lands some nice knees again, then stuffs a takedown attempt. Nice right hand from Calderwood lands and then she sprawls quickly to deny Eye’s takedown attempt. Final 30 seconds and they clinch again, with both women throwing big knees and Calderwood lands a strike that cuts Eye wide open above the eye! That should be a Calderwood decision win.

Michael Chandler def Dan Hooker via Knockout, Round 1 (2:30)

Very tense start to the bout as the first 90 seconds are essentially just Hooker circling away from Chandler. A few leg kicks land but Chandler keeps coming forward. Long jab to the body and a huge left hook lands and drops Hooker!! He pounces and smashes him on the ground until the referee steps in and ends the fight! Wow! What a debut!

Dustin Poirier def Conor McGregor via Knockout, Round 2 (2:32)

Fast start from McGregor as he comes out into the centre quickly and throws a straight left. Poirier slips another one and returns with a right hook then gets an outside trip and takes the fight to the ground (!?) McGregor scoots back to the cage and works his way back up to his feet. Clinch against the cage and the two exchange shoulder strikes before breaking. The two break and Conor lands a clean left hand on the chin that wobbles Poirier but he stays standing Both guys land nice shots. Poirier working the leg kicks but McGregor fires back to end the round. 10-9 Conor.

Second round and Poirier continues to fire leg kicks and they seem to be hurting Conor more and more. McGregor is struggling to walk on the leg and Poirier is starting to turn the pressure up. Nice shots land and McGregor is hurt. He’s sitting in the pocket and trading, but Poirier is landing heavy shots. He lands a big combination and sits McGregor down! Follows up with a few more but the referee waves it off! Wow!

UFC Fight Night Vegas 2: Eye vs Calvillo – Results (Highlights)


Christian Aguilera def Anthony Ivy via TKO (Round 1, 0:59)

Both fighters making their UFC debut come out and look to establish control of the centre. Aguilera throws some combos towards the head of Ivy, who responds with good footwork and a good jab. Aguilera throws a big overhand right that wobbles Ivy back to the cage. Aguilera pounces on the hurt Ivy and lands a big combo, dropping him with an inwards short elbow and the referee steps in to end this one early. Huge win for Christian Aguilera.

Tyson Nam def Zarrukh Adashev via KO (Round 1, 0:32)

Adashev rushes out in his UFC debut and opens with a nice combo. Nam looks calm and composed as he eats a leg kick and fires back with a huge right hand. Adashev is out cold as Nam follows up with a punch but this one is over quickly. What a knockout for Nam, who is visibly emotional in the Octagon afterwards.

Julia Avila def Gina Mazany via TKO (Round 1, 0:22)

Avila rushes out of the blocks with a hard combo and rocks Mazany immediately. She retreats to the cage covering up, Avila continues to smash her with strikes and the referee stops the fight. Another quick stoppage! What is in the air in Vegas?!

Merab Dvalishvili def Gustavo Lopez via Unanimous Decision (30-26 x2, 30-25)

Both fighters look to take the centre of the Octagon quickly to establish control with ‘The Machine’ winning that early battle. A small exchange of strikes but nothing significant as we pass the minute mark of round 1 for the first time tonight. Lopez showing some good takedown defence as Merab pushes a hard pace as usual, before the Georgian gets a takedown eventually. Some good ground and pound strikes land before Lopez gets back on his feet and the round comes to a close. 10-9 Dvalishvili.

Second round starts with Merab once again pushing a fast pace. He lands a big overhand right before taking the fight back down to the ground once again, Lopez clearly starting to feel the pace now. Merab scoops Lopez’s head up in side control and starts cranking a nasty submission, but Lopez stays calm and eventually finds his way out after being in some considerable pain. More takedowns from Merab, with Lopez now visibly slowing down. The round comes to an end with Dvalishvili in control. 20-18 Merab.

Third round starts and ‘The Machine’ is looking dominant. His timing on the takedown has been excellent all night and he’s completely nullified the striking of Gomez. He’s taking him down at will and now gets into full mount with 2:30 to go in the fight. Merab out grappling Lopez and locks in a body triangle to keep the fight on the ground, before the Georgian takes his back into the final minute. Lopez stands up again and the two engage in a striking battle before Merab gets a personal best THIRTEENTH takedown of the fight to see the round out and surely earn a comfortable decision victory. 30-27 Dvalishvili.


Mariya Agapova def Hannah Cifers via Submission (Round 1, 2:42)

Agapova comes flying out of the gate with heavy shots and landing. Both go back and forth with strikes but Agapova continuing to dominate the exchanges, showing her clear advantage on the feet. She lands a huge head kick that rocks Cifers and goes straight on the attack. She locks in a body triangle while standing and takes Cifers’ back, sinks in the rear naked choke and gets the tap. Impressive win for the debutant.

Jordan Espinosa def Mark De La Rosa via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Espinosa starts the fight on the outside, looking to use his footwork to out manoeuvre De La Rosa who he knows wants the takedown in this fight. A deep shoot sees Espinosa against the cage with one leg being held, but he proceeds to land heavy strikes to the body. De La Rosa not looking to advance at all from this position and is eating heavy elbows and punches to the head. The round ends with more of the same. De La Rosa tells his corner he was trying to wear out Espinosa but it seems like a very strange decision from him. 10-9 Espinosa.

Round 2 starts with more of the same, with Espinosa happy to concede the centre of the Octagon. More strong strikes and movement as De La Rosa goes for the takedown, again grabbing the single leg but eating shots while backing his opponent up against the cage. Espinosa cruises through the round pretty much unscathed. 20-18 Espinosa.

The third round begins with a bit more urgency from De La Rosa, who’s corner has told him he’s two rounds down and needs to go straight for the takedowns. Espinosa is using his footwork excellently to avoid any attacks and shoots in himself with a superb double-leg. He starts punishing De La Rosa with clean ground and pound strikes and after a scramble finds himself with a d’arce choke almost perfectly set up. He abandons the submission for more strikes, landing a huge knee to the body with De La Rosa on one knee. The round ends with Espinosa comfortably ahead and a comfortable victory in the end.

Andre Fili def Charles Jourdain via Split Decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

A fast start from both fighters, with heavy shots from both but many of them hitting air. Lots of movement from both men as expected in this one. Some good back and forth from both, with Jourdain ripping kicks towards Fili’s right side. ‘Touchy’ is blocking and parrying a lot of these kicks, but they’re very hard and he may have injured his arm here. A good exchange and a big overhand right from Jourdain drops Fili but his experience helps him to keep ‘Air’ off him while he recovers on his back. With 30 seconds to go in the round, Fili lands a good takedown and ends the round in control to make it difficult for the judges. 10-9 Jourdain for me.

The second round is a bit more controlled from both fighters. Lots of quick combinations from both, with some landing but nothing clean. Lots of heavy leg kicks from Jourdain as he tries to slow Fili down, but the Samoan-born American lands a takedown and starts to land some nice ground and pound. Fili controlling his opponent overall and the round comes to an end with the scores likely even. 19-19.

The 3rd begins with Fili looking fresher, although Jourdain is not afraid to pull the trigger at all. More leg kicks from the Canadian to try and slow Fili down but to no avail as he gets another takedown late in the round. Not much action in this round with both seemingly more worried about losing the round than winning it but Fili’s takedowns in this fight have ultimately come in clutch for him in the end. 29-28 Fili for me.

Charles Rosa def Kevin Aguilar via Split Decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Aguilar starts the fight with a big right hand that causes Rosa to lose his balance, but he isn’t hurt and takes his stance back quickly. Rosa lets fly with a big overhand left but completely misses his target. Aguilar looks much looser so far but not much action in the first round at the moment. Rosa moves forward with a left hook but Aguilar takes it and pushes forward himself. A nice one-two combo sends Rosa pushing back against the cage but once again no real damage landed. Rosa looking to land leg kicks to Aguilar’s lead leg but ‘The Angel of Death’ is now looking to counter them with an overhand right. A cut has appeared over Rosa’s right eye but it doesn’t look too bad. One of the kicks lands clean and Rosa stumbles but seems okay. A wild exchange leads to nothing but air. Rosa goes in for a takedown but Aguilar defends it and lands some heavy hammer-fists from a standing position. 10-9 Aguilar.

Second round starts with some aggression from Aguilar as he lands a nice body kick. Lots of jousting in the centre of the Octagon but not a crazy amount actually happening in there. More kicks land from Aguilar as Rosa swings a wild right hook. Co-commentator Paul Felder points out that neither fighter throwing any combinations during the bout. Another heavy body kick from Aguilar before he counters a leg kick with a nice left jab. Rosa goes for a head kick as Aguilar goes to grab a leg and lands square in the face but he eats it well. A nice left hand lands again from Rosa before another big kick lands to the head of Aguilar. A big right hook rocks him as Rosa’s corner shout for him to push forward but the buzzer goes. 19-19.

Round 3 starts with both men going for a finish! Heavy shots landing from both sides but Rosa’s punches having more of an effect. A big left straight from Rosa does well to land on Aguilar, who returns with a super right cross of his own. Aguilar being a bit more aggressive in this round than the previous two. Rosa loads up a big left hand but misses and Aguilar lands a nice combo to the body and head. Rosa moves within to clinching range and attempts to roll through to a knee bar but Aguilar reads it and steps away with no problems. More big strikes land from both men, with Rosa’s cut from the first round now starting to bleed much more. A nice body kick from Rosa lands as Aguilar starts to walk him down a bit more but a lovely left hand lands square on his chin. Final minute of the round now. Rosa starting to prioritise moving away from Aguilar rather than engaging, a sign he thinks he may have this fight won. Both men swing at air as the buzzer goes and the fight ends. This could go either way but I score it 29-28 to Aguilar, mainly for pressing and Octagon control.

Marvin Vettori def Karl Roberson via Submission (Round 1, 4:17)

This grudge match starts with a lot of feints as both men look to feel each other out early. Vettori throws a straight left but misses, before trying to find his way into range with some jabs. More feinting and movement from both men before they clinch against the cage. Roberson tries to throw Vettori and goes to take his back, but as they land on the ground Vettori is able to get out and scramble to a top position. He starts to land some ground and pound shots and slides an arm under the chin of Roberson for a guillotine, but Roberson spins out. Vettori holds onto the position and Roberson kicks off the cage to get out of the submission. Vettori starts landing some heavy ground and pound shots, forcing Roberson to try to push out. Vettori secures the position, slides the arm under the chin once again and takes the back of his opponent. He rolls him over as he locks in the hooks and this one is over with 43 seconds left of the first round due to a rear-naked choke. Very impressive performance from Vettori.

Cynthia Calvillo def Jessica Eye via Unanimous Decision (49-46 x2, 48-47)

The main event starts with Jessica Eye taking the centre of the Octagon, as Calvillo lands a nice combo on the chin of Eye. Calvillo’s speed seems a big factor in the opening exchanges as he’s landing on Eye quickly and cleanly although not with much power. Neither fighter seems worried about pulling the trigger, with both landing some nice jabs. Calvillo goes for a high kick but Eye reads it and catches the leg. Calvillo attempts to step in on Eye who sidesteps her and lands a lovely right hand. ‘Evil’ Eye currently winning the boxing match between the two women, but Calvillo goes with a high kick that lands but Eye once again catches the leg on it’s way down. Round closes out with a big exchange in the pocket but neither fighter takes any significant damage. 10-9 Eye for me.

A bit more urgency from Calvillo at the stat of the second as she lands a nice right hand and starts faking the takedowns. Eye jabbing well but Calvillo goes in for a takedown who sprawls well and lands a nice knee to the body, before Calvillo holds on and trips Eye to secure the first takedown of the fight. Good wrist control from Eye to avoid ground and pound as Calvillo attempts to take her back on the way up from the mat. Calvillo goes for a trip and Eye loses her balance but instead of the takedown, Cynthia takes the back and puts both hooks in expertly. Eye trying to fight being flattened out while Calvillo lays on top of her with the hooks in by holding onto one of the arms with a two-on-one grip. Calvillo gets her arm free and starts landing some nice ground and pound strikes, keeping the body triangle in tight in the process. More strikes land as Calvillo attempts for the submission but the round ends as they scramble. 19-19 on my scorecard.

Eye looking to get back to boxing in the third round, establishing control of the centre of the Octagon and letting jabs fly. Calvillo looks much looser and bouncier on her toes but it’s quite clear in this round that both women are trying to ensure they don’t gas out before the fifth round. Calvillo attempts a spinning-back fist but it’s avoided by Eye as they exchange heavy shots in the pocket shortly afterwards. Calvillo starting to get the better of the striking exchanges, landing one-twos. A lovely combo from Eye lands to the body and face before Calvillo responds with a right hook. Lovely right hand connects from Eye but then Calvillo level changes beautifully and secures another takedown with just over a minute to go in the round. Eye gives up her back with 30 seconds to go as Calvillo locks in the body triangle once again but Eye fights the hands well and survives the rest of the round. 29-28 Calvillo.

‘Evil’ Eye was told by her corner to start kicking and opens the round with a left body kick attempt which is caught by Calvillo and turned in to a takedown. Calvillo takes the back very quickly and locks in the body triangle as she looks for the rear naked choke. Eye defending well but Calvillo is transitioning seamlessly while locking her up. Calvillo starts landing strikes on the ground while Eye tries to hold onto an arm to avoid damage. Jessica manages to spin on the ground and scramble back up to her feet and lands some nice strikes. Calvillo goes for another takedown but Eye uses her strength well to stifle the attempt and keep the fight on the feet. Calvillo visibly slowing down and Eye lands two solid right hands back-to-back. Big exchange with 25 seconds to go in the round sees Cavillo lands a lovely combination and the round ends. 39-37 Calvillo heading into the final round.

Final round of the night and the first real action comes almost 2 minutes in with Calvillo landing a nice one-two combo. Eye returns fire with a left hand of her own. Exchange in the pocket again and Calvillo lands a beautiful step-in elbow. Eye not really letting her hands go despite her corner telling her she needs the finish in this round. Calvillo’s speed coming in handy once again as she lands a spinning back-fist. Final minute of the fight and Calvillo goes for an outside trip and succeeds with the takedown. Some ground and pound strikes land before getting back to her feet as the round ends. A comfortable win for Cynthia Calvillo in the end on my scorecard, 49-46 to the Flyweight newcomer.

UFC Fight Night: Jessica Eye One of Three to Miss Weight, Another Fight Cancelled

UFC Fight Night: Vegas 2 took a bit hit at the weigh-ins today as three fighters missed weight, including one half of the main and co-main events.

Prior to the trouble today, the card began to fall apart last night as Ray Borg pulled out of his fight with Merab Dvalishvili due to a family emergency. Borg later tweeted saying, “Family first. See you soon, son” suggesting that there may be more problems with his son who has suffered form severe health issues in the past 18 months.

Darrick Minner also took to his Facebook account to announced that he won’t be fighting Jordan Griffin at tomorrow’s event either, having fallen sick during his weight cut.

โ€œSad to say but tomorrow I wonโ€™t be fighting. Long story short, the weight cut was going super smooth, everything on point. Came back to nap before I hit the last 5 lbs. Woke up after a two hour nap, started throwing up and didnโ€™t stop for 6-7 hours. Still throwing up this morning but it has slowed down.

โ€œThe UFC performance institute nutrition and staff tried everything to get my stomach under control before they had to make the call to start rehydrating. Shout out to them, they are super knowledgeable and professional.

โ€œI want to apologize to my opponent Jordan Griffin and his camp, stepped up to give us a fight. We will get this set up at a later date. Thanks to the UFC for giving me another opportunity, we will get back to work and be ready for the next one. Sorry my body couldnโ€™t make this happen.โ€

Jessica Eye, scheduled to fight Cynthia Calvillo in the main event, weighed in at 126.25lbs, or 1/4lbs over the 126lbs weight limit for a non-title Flyweight fight. ‘Evil’ Eye was visibly shaken when getting on the scales and after missing told the reporters present, “I’m done guys. I don’t even think I can stand.” Eye also missed weight for her last fight at Flyweight, coming in 5lbs over before her decision win over Viviane Araujo.

She was fined 25% of her purse, which will go straight to her opponent. Calvillo on the other hand made weight, coming in at 126lbs.

In the co-main event, Karl Roberson added to the tension between himself and opponent Marvin Vettori by missing weight for the second consecutive fight. This fight was originally supposed to happen earlier this month, but Roberson missed weight and then was ruled out of the fight by UFC doctors. The two then got into a verbal altercation in the hotel lobby afterwards, adding a bit more vim to a fight between two dark horses in the Middleweight division.

Roberson then weighed in today at 190.5lbs, 4.5lbs over the 186lbs weight limit for a non-title bout. He was fined 30% of his purse by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which will go to his rival. During the face-offs Vettori began blasting him verbally saying that Roberson’s “body was broken already from weight cutting” and that he’s going to hurt him.

A third fighter also missed weight during all the craziness. Zarrukh Adashev, making his UFC debut as a short-notice replacement to fight Tyson Nam, weighed in at 2.5lbs over the limit for their Bantamweight fight. He was fined 20% of his purse.

All the fights will proceed as previously scheduled despite the missed weight.

UFC Fight Night: Eye vs Calvillo – Predictions

The UFC reopens its APEX Centre doors this weekend for yet another card behind closed door, as Jessica Eye faces off with Cynthia Calvillo in the main event.

We go through the card to break down every fight and make our picks.


Anthony Ivy (8-2) vs Christian Aguilera (13-6) – (Welterweight/170lbs)

Riding in off a five-fight win streak, Anthony Ivy takes on Christian Aguilera as both men make their UFC debuts. Aguilera has won his last two fights and looked dominant in the process with a strong stand-up game. Ivy has won accrued all 8 of his wins via stoppage (5 KO’s and 3 submissions) but has shown holes in his game on the floor. A match-up between two good strikers both looking to make a name for themselves should mean fireworks and I’d be surprised to see this one go the distance. PICK – Anthony Ivy via KO/TKO

Tyson Nam (18-11-1) vs Zarukh Adashev (3-1)- (Flyweight/125lbs)

Adashev steps into this fight as a late replacement for Octagon veteran Ryan Benoit to make his UFC debut. ‘The Lion’ has won his last three in a row, two via KO, after losing his first professional bout back in 2015. He also competes in kickboxing, which shows you where his strengths lay. Tyson Nam will have other ideas however. The 36 year old is coming off back-to-back defeats and needs a win to cement his spot in the company and will believe this is a perfect good match-up for him. While Adashev won’t look to take this fight to the ground, he probably has the striking advantage due to his Glory days. At the lower weight-class it’s rare to see knockout victories but the short-notice will likely make a big difference in this one, so I expect Nam to be able to pip his opponent. PICK – Tyson Nam via Unanimous Decision

Julia Avila (7-1) vs Gina Mazany (6-3) – (Bantamweight/135lbs)

Julia Avila comes into this one on a wave of momentum having won her last three fights in a row. Her only professional defeat came when suffered a nasty compound fracture of her finger and the fight was stopped. Gina Mazany on the other hand has lost two of her last three fights, being knocked out by Ultimate Fighter winner Macy Chiasson along the way. ‘Danger’ is stepping into this fight on just one week’s notice and it’s not a great match-up for her. Mazany needs to be able to ground Avila and gain top position to really cause any trouble here for ‘Raging Panda’ and with Avila’s good takedown defence and crisp striking, this could end with a nasty KO. I’ll back the decision myself but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make it to the judges. PICK – Julia Avila via Unanimous Decision

Charles Rosa (12-4) vs Kevin Aguilar (17-3) – (Lightweight/155lbs)

UFC Fight Night: Aguilar v Tukhugov : News Photo
Kevin Aguilar has lost his last two fights
Photo Credit: Getty Images

‘Boston Strong’ Charles Rosa steps into the Octagon for the eighth time in career and second time in three months this weekend to fight Kevin Aguilar. Rosa was beaten by ‘Thug Nasty’ Bryce Mitchell at UFC 249, where the submission game of the younger fighter proved too much for him in a decision loss. Aguilar last fought in February, suffering a second successive defeat after getting KO’d by Zubaira Tukhugov in the first round. While Rosa will have a significant advantage on the ground, every fight starts on the feet and Aguilar will be confident he can keep the fight there. His chin seems to have left him in more recent times which is a concern but Rosa doesn’t possess the greatest stand-up skills, so I expect ‘The Angel of Death’ to be able to get back in the win column. PICK – Kevin Aguilar via Unanimous Decision


Jordan Espinosa (14-7 1N.C) vs Mark De La Rosa (11-4) – (Bantamweight/135lbs)

Jordan Espinosa makes the move up to Bantamweight for this fight where he meets a desperate Mark De La Rosa. Espinosa has lost his last two, both by first round submission, while De La Rosa has lost his last three fights. Both fighters will be keen to end their skids. Together they combine for 13 career wins and a 5 career losses by submission. On the feet, De La Rosa is a better combination puncher while Espinosa carries more power. If the fight ends up on the ground it’s likely to be because Espinosa has scored a knockdown, but ‘Bumblebee’ is savvy enough to potentially get hold of a neck in a scramble. The likelihood however, is that Espinosa out-punches De La Rosa en route to a decision win. PICK – Jordan Espinosa via Unanimous Decision

Andre Fili (20-7) vs Charles Jourdain (10-2) – (Featherweight/145lbs)

Andre ‘Touchy’ Fili may be my favourite nickname in all of MMA, so it helps that he’s a pretty good fighter too. Fili has won four of his last six but was defeated in his last outing, coming out on the wrong side of a decision to Sodiq Yusuff. ‘Air’ Jourdain caused a shock back in December when he beat Doo Ho Choi via knockout and will be looking for more of the same come fight night. The Quebec native will stay aggressive at all times, pushing forward and looking to force mistakes from Fili. The American Top Team fighter is very experienced though, having made his Octagon debut in 2013 and I think he will be able to weather the storm. A more accurate striker and a much stronger wrestling game, I expect Fili to pick up a straight-forward decision win. PICK – Andre Fili via Unanimous Decision

Merab Dvalishvili (10-4) vs Gustavo Lopez (11-4)(Catchweight/140lbs)

Originally scheduled to fight Ray Borg, ‘The Machine’ Merab Dvalishvili is now scheduled to fight UFC newcomer Gustavo Lopez on just 3 days notice. Borg pulled out on Thursday night, citing a family emergency, and in stepped Combate Americas Bantamweight Champion Lopez. In his 11 previous wins, Lopez has picked up 10 stoppage victories including 5 KO’s and 5 submissions. A very well rounded fighter, this will be Lopez’s first fight against top level opposition. While he’s no Ray Borg, he will look to finish the fight early and has the power in his hands to do so. Merab however, is not someone you want to fight on short notice. The Georgian is well known for his conditioning and has absolutely no problem with a high pace fight for 3 rounds. I expect this will be the case and The Machine will pick up a comfortable decision victory. PICK – Merab Dvalishvili via Unanimous Decision

Marvin Vettori (14-4-1) vs Karl Roberson* (9-2)(Middleweight/185lbs)
*Roberson weighed in at 190.5lbs, 4.5lbs over the limit

UFC Fight Night: Kopylov v Roberson : News Photo
Roberson won his last fight vs Kopylov via rear-naked choke
Photo Credit: Getty Images

A fight here with two dark horses in the Middleweight division. Two prospects coming in with a solid record and improving in every fight, this one should prove to be a treat. Roberson has won his last two and shown that being an ex-kickboxer isn’t the only thing that his opponents should be worried about, submitting Roman Kopylov late in the third round in his last outing. Much of the same can be said for Vettori too. Since his split-decision defeat to now Middleweight king Israel Adesanya in 2018, the Italian has turned in his two most impressive performances to date with two decision wins.

Vettori has struggled with finishing his opponents in the UFC, with just one fight not going the distance. Roberson has only seen the judges scorecards twice and this could be something to think about. Roberson is by far the more explosive fighter and his striking is better but Vettori is a very strategic fighter and will likely keep his distance in an attempt to control the pace of the fight. While Vettori is the bookies favourite, I’m going with an upset victor for ‘Baby K’ by knockout. PICK – Karl Roberson via Knockout

Jessica Eye* (15-7) vs Cynthia Calvillo (8-1-1) – (Flyweight/125lbs)
*Eye weighed in at 125.25lbs, 1/4lbs over the limit

An interesting if not spectacular main event on this card, No.1 ranked Jessica Eye takes on Cynthia Calvillo who makes her debut in the division. Eye has turned herself into one of the best in her division, some way behind champion Valentina Shevchenko, since dropping down from Bantamweight when the division was created. ‘Evil’ Eye has won four of her last five, the only defeat in her world title fight with ‘Bullet’ and has been convincing every time. A good boxer, she often uses her striking to close the distance, before letting off more powerful shots and stepping out again. This style shows when you see that 11 of her 15 wins have come via decision.

Calvillo however has more to her game, despite being much earlier in her career. The 32 year old’s only defeat came to Carla Esparza in 2017, although her most recent fight ended in a draw against Marina Rodriguez. Calvillo will be looking to take this fight to the ground, as she knows Eye has the advantage in the striking department. While Eye will likely catch Calvillo as she charges in for the takedown, Eye doesn’t hit hard enough to make her opponent worry about not going through with the attack. If the fight goes as expected, Eye will turn this into a boxing clinic and do all she can to keep it on the feet, or she may be in danger. PICK – Jessica Eye via Unanimous Decision