Fantasy Matches

Fantasy Matches: Sir Alex Ferguson XI vs Carlo Ancelotti XI

*DISCLAIMER* Just for a little bit of realism in this fantasy match, any players that played under both managers aren’t eligible to be in both teams. Two of the best and most successful coaches ever went head to head in the Premier League between 2009 and 2011 as Carlo Ancelotti managed Chelsea to a Premier […]

Serie A XI vs Premier League XI: 1992 – Present

*DISCLAIMER* Before we get too far into it, “all-time” is defined by the life span of the Premier League in this instance to try and keep it as fair as possible. Anyone who played in Serie A or the Premier League between August 1992 and today was eligible to be selected, but I selected the […]

My Perfect Footballer #2 – Micah Fanimo

WORDS BY MICAH FANIMO The beautiful game has enabled us to see so many different footballers, who have and still are taking us through so many different emotions. Football is a game where we have seen tears of joy, heartbreak and sorrow, all which can happen within 90 minutes. In my almost three decades of […]

Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea vs Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid

One of the greatest managers in the history of the sport, Jose Mourinho has managed some of the greatest players the game has ever seen. He also managed two of the best teams we’ve seen, during two separate eras and for two different reasons. When Mourinho joined Chelsea as ‘The Special One’, he built one […]

Premier League XI vs La Liga XI

The two best leagues in the world, with some of the best footballers on planet Earth. The Premier League and La Liga have consistently been the home to Europe’s biggest clubs and best players, garnering interest from around the world from fans and media alike. So could you imagine an all-star game between the two […]

Brazil Greatest XI vs Italy Greatest XI

When you think football, you almost certainly will think of the Brazilian national team and it’s glittering history. The famous yellow shirts are linked heavily with some of the greatest attacking players in the history of football, while defensively they’ve probably never been blessed with the best options. They’ve had a few stand outs but […]

My Perfect Footballer

I was born in 1993 which means I have been blessed enough to see to see some of the greatest footballers of recent memory, and even of all-time. All of them have excelled in different areas that if you combined them together, would make the perfect footballer. But which players would have which attribute if […]

France Greatest XI vs Holland Greatest XI

Since the early 90’s, two of the best footballing nations to have played the game are Holland and France. Countless players have caught the imagination of fans and media alike over the last 30-odd years, so I decided to select the best XI of each country from my lifetime and pit them against each other. […]

England 02-06 vs Current England Squad

England’s ‘golden generation’ is said to be from World Cup 2002 up until their failure to qualify for Euro 2008. Some world class footballers represented their nation during that period of time, but they failed to make it past a quarter-final stage of any major tournament during that time under Sven-Goran Eriksson and Steve McClaren. […]

Inter Milan 09/10 vs Atletico Madrid 13/14

A battle between two of the best defensive teams in recent memory, who won their league and reached the final of Europe’s biggest club competition with two managers who get absolutely everything from their team. When Jose Mourinho took over at Inter Milan, few could see that within three years they would be reigning Italian […]

Chelsea Best XI vs Liverpool Best XI

Over the years, there is no doubt that these two sides have been among the most successful of the English teams. Since the Premier League began in 1992, Chelsea have won 21 trophies (excluding Community Shield) while Liverpool have won 14 trophies including this season’s Premier League title. So if you combine both team’s best […]

Real Madrid ‘Galacticos’ vs Spain 08-12

If you ask most football fans of a certain age, the first football team they’ll remember globally is Real Madrid’s Galacticos. A team put together with one superstar signing a year in the early 00’s, with the idea that they would partner up with the best of Real Madrid’s academy – hence the original ‘Zidanes […]

Jose Mourinho XI vs Pep Guardiola XI

Two of the greatest managers of all-time, who have managed some of the greatest players of all-time. Jose Mourinho is a Premier League champion x3, La Liga winner, Serie A winner x2, Portuguese Liga winner x2, Champions League winner x2, UEFA Cup/Europa League winner x2 and a total of 8 domestic cups – making him […]

Manchester United 07/08 vs Manchester City 17/18

Since the turn of the century, the English Premier League has largely been dominated by the two giants in the north – and we’re not talking about Liverpool. Manchester, red or blue, have been responsible for 11 title wins since the beginning of the 2000/01 season – more than any other city in the country. […]

Arsenal Invincibles vs 19/20 Liverpool

Up until Watford spoiled the Kop party by handing Liverpool their first loss of the season in February, many people believed Arsenal were about to receive company in the Invincibles club. Liverpool had won 26 of their 27 league fixtures before that night at Vicarage Road, only dropping points in a 1-1 draw at Old […]